About Me

... Better be biking and hiking then underground

Hello everybody, I'm Double W

Creating things like photo's, making art en brewing good beers. Supporting companies in business development.

Gained experience and knowledge on projects in building structure and improving marketing and sales.




Love to make pictures that are expressing emotions. Photo's from people, nature, industrial art and travel. If you like certain pictures and want them just let me know.

Started around 1980 with the first homebrew. Today making all styles with HQ stuff. Giving personal and others input about visiting, tasting and making the perfect craftbeer

You are favoured if you can travel the world and seeing the most astounishing places.

Will tell something about personal experiences and must see spots.

What I Create Is What I Like With Others.

Sometimes you must force yourself to do something complete different. Learning by experience could be a long road of making misstakes. However getting better step by step makes you understand how great works are born in the end. My first beers and wine were good, even failures were accepted as drinkable. Sharing innovative concepts, reading a lot and trying to improve over and over makes me great brewer. Same accounts for making pictures, writing stories and building websites to enjoy other people. My motto is to try over and over till it succeeds!

Look at this background picture made at Yellowstone NP in the USA. To catch the perfect moment you must be patient, having knowledge about the camera and an eye for details. By making this picture you will remember the situation, the silence and the effort forever.