Financial district & Memorial site

Financial District This is a complex neighbourhood to walk through. So many conflicting items are pressed on two square miles; history and modern times – victory and loss. Remember Wallstreet crash and the attacks on the twin tower. You will see it all in a walking tour of 3 hours and the extra visit to the memorial center. There is an opportunity to organise a walking tour by agency like You will get a headset and your guide wil tell you all the details of this neighbourhood in 2 hours time. Highly recommendable if you visit for the first time.

Let’s start at Wall street where NYSE is dominating the street.

What you will see is that all major buildings are owned by banks and investment companies. This is the place where the big money is floating around controlled by computers and backroom deals, Indeed the view of stockbrokers dealing with stocks and bonds is becoming  a rarity in Wall street region. Any visit to the NYSE is prohibited and only possible on special request. Look around this street and you will notice a history of old money lost by many investors, who jumped off the buildings during the Wall Street Crash, and picked up by the new wizz kids on the block.

Next stop is Trinity church, A dwarf surrounded by sky scrapers. One of the oldest churches (1700) and still used for religious events. Take time to sit inside looking at the interior and the entrance doors and do a walk around  the graveyard looking at the thombstones of famous citizens of New York.  If you go to direction North you will go to Ground Zero. Here the new One World Trade Center has been “rebuild”. Walk around the memorial site to get a good impression of the set-up and imagine what has happened here during the tragedy. The options are to visit the memorial site and museum (will take two hours minimum) or to get up rapidly fast and visit the One World Observatory. My recomendation for the observatory is to get up late before sunset to enjoy the view between day and night and seeing the lights of the skyline. Tip: Memorial site is to visit for free with vouchers ordered online. Beware that you will await a long queue due to a lot af visitors and security measures. Other places to browse are Century 21 special place for discounted cloths, shoes from premium brands and winter garden area opposite of Ground Zero to have a lunch or snack. Walking back south by the Zucotti park and Broadway we will meet Charging Bull. The Bull is a positive statement for a rising stock market. Feel free to rub any place of the Bull if you think it will bring luck to you and your family. It is fun to watch tourists taking pictures from the front and from the back. Walk to Beaver street for a quick lunch. Enough cheap choices, however if you have enough time and money: go to Delmonico’s. One of the classics with a great steak menu We are entering the oldest Dutch streets of Manhattan, Pearl and Stone street, Dutch immigrants lived here around 1624 and builded a wall (Wall street) for protection. Look at the pavement and the buildings. Originally named as Brewer street and around 1900 renovated as historical center you can sit outside at long tables and drink beer. You can also drink a lot of different beers at Fraunces Tavern. The oldest house of New York and used as restaurant/taproom/whiskybar and museum dedicated to the first president Washington. All that historical stuff will give a need for a good beer so enjoy one of the list of 150. Cheers

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