New York City

... Better be biking and hiking then underground


What brings up more fun then biking and hiking in New York city. The city spends past years lots of money on bike lanes and pushing people to the City Bike. Visit the famous highline or Central Park for a nice stroll with your family and enjoy the views.

Go out and explore.


A visit to New York city is not complete without shopping, American dining or drinking cocktails and beers at rooftop bars in the evening. Specialty shops with clothes, art and food are to be found in every neighbourhood with different cultures in this melting pot.


What are the best activities to do in New York. So many choices, so limited in time and money. Of course you will do the famous Top 10 mentioned in all travelguides, but be smart to check out before the hidden gems and enjoy more.


Info about how to survive New York city, really there are some facts and info to consider when you are in this big city. It is not all sunshine here. Try to find good people and gems and be careful out there.